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Smartphone + piece of cardboard = VR

Virtual reality is a virtual world we can interface with. While most of the VR sets cost a pretty penny, most of us have a smartphone that can be used for entering the virtual world.How? With a piece of cardboard, or plactic since there are also plastic VR goggles.


Controls in Google Cardboard usually are limited to pressin on button while gazing at some object. Some carboard goggles have a moving magnet that can be used for clicking, and for the rest of the goggles you need to buy a mouse or a gamepad.

With the help of Unity engine we can create games for Google Cardboard, like this simple quiz:

Creating 3D models and environment is just a part of the work, we need to allow user to control the game itself by creating scripts so clicking on a button would do something useful:

Buttons are there but none of them do anything
This is how the editor looks like